Improvements and upgrades to address new market demands.

Revamping of facilities to adapt them to market evolution, dryers, kilns, equipment for the production of multiple products and everything within the minimum shutdown time.


Diagnosis on plant’s condition

Upgrade facilities to adapt them to the evolution of the market.

The market of structural clay products is growing more and more demanding in terms of quality, therefore having a modern, competitive factory turns into a priority and a strategy choice.

EQUIPCERAMIC revamping projects provide transformations and upgrades to adapt your equipment to new products and to cutting-edge technological innovations.

Advantages of upgrading your plant:

• Cost savings since the payback period is really short.
• Substantially low costs compared to the cost of a new installation.
• Energy savings thanks to the installation of new technology. (Installation of inverters, starters, new hauling systems,…).
• Improvement of the performance of the factory since new equipment allows higher production rates.
• The renewal of components guarantees the availability of spare parts.


If you don’t move forwards, you move backwards!

The market of structural clay products is growing more and more demanding in terms of product quality and diversity, and this is the reason why EQUIPCERAMIC provides customers with all its know-how either for introducing new product formats of different dimensions or for modifying current products by the application of insulation materials.

Advantages of offering a wide range of products:

• Being competitive and having a large share of the market.
• Offering a complete catalogue (Load-bearing products and non-load-bearing products for partition walls, ceiling blocks…).
• Providing customers with technical solutions in terms of sound and thermal insulation.
• Ensuring a maximum production rate and minimizing stocks by product diversification.
• Increasing your company turnover and widening your margins by manufacturing products with a high added value.


Important savings in energy costs for your brickworks.

Energy costs either for different sorts of fuel for the kiln and the dryer or for electricity represent more than 30% of the production costs in the heavy clay industry and it will continue to rise considering the current trends for worldwide cost of energy.

The technical processes taking place in your dryers and kilns are determinant factors for your production facilities. Optimal management of resources, durability and decrease of CO2 emissions constitute significant advantages in terms of competitiveness, growing even more important in the heavy clay industry.

Our approach to energy and emissions is focused on fostering energy savings and decreasing CO2 emissions, in this way contributing to reduce your operating costs and to minimize the impact of your industrial activity on the environment.

EQUIPCERAMIC’s process analysis provides the required basic data for the optimal harmonization of three interconnected parameters: energy consumption- product quality- efficiency.
Advantages of an energy efficient installation:

• Reduction of your operating costs.
• Very competitive sales price for your products.
• Decrease of greenhouse effect CO2 emissions, environmentally friendly installation.
• Information on the consumption of energy in the different production areas in real time, so you can design action plans for those areas with a higher consumption.


A highly qualified team to diagnose any possible problem and to propose solutions.

EQUIPCERAMIC offers you all its know-how and team of engineers to conduct technical reviews and maintenance interventions on site.

This service not only ensures production efficiency and quality but also gives access to technical innovations, upgrades and technological improvements.

Advantages of a diagnosis every two years:

• Knowing your equipment condition.
• Designing an action plan with our team of experts to improve your facilities.
• Gaining access to technical innovations.
• Knowing your needs in spare parts.

Upgrade facilities to adapt them to the evolution of the market