Plant for producing hollow bricks

Production: 365.000T/year.

Products: Hollow blocks.

Dryer: Semicontinuous.

Kiln: Tunnel kiln with flat roof.

Geographic location: Casablanca (Morocco).

Production of 1,000 tonnes per day of hollow products in Casablanca, Morocco.

This production unit, located in Casablanca, is today one of the largest factories in Morocco with a daily production of 1,000 tm of fired ware.

This new production unit is equipped with the most cutting-edge technology to obtain a high quality final product while reducing energy costs and optimizing resources and raw materials. This project has given priority to flexibility in order to adapt production to customers’ requests.



The specificiations required by the customer for the modernization of the plant set quite high standards since:

  1. Clay preparation using a dry grinding process.
  2. 2  parallel hammer mills and ageing shed.
  3. Dust detection installation.
  4. Shaping output: 73 Tm/hour.
  5. Extruder diameter: 730 mm.


  1. Slug cutter at the extruder exit.
  2. Multi-wire cutter for stationary clay (Working width 950mm).
  3. Stroke rate: 7,5 strokes/minute.
  4. Dryer car loading and unloading by means of a lifting/lowering automatic device.


  • Semi-continuous dryer measuring 105m long x 22,7m wide with 6 tracks.
  • 119 oscillating, conical air recirculation fans distributed into 4 areas with independent regulation.
  • Dryer output: 1.075 Tm/day.
  • Drying cycle: 33,3h


  • Tunnel kiln with flat roof to be built on site.
  • Kiln dimensions: 9m wide x  130m long.
  • Kiln car dimensions: 9m wide x 5,6 m long.
  • Kiln car capacity: 32 packages (8 X 4) / 14.976 pieces.
  • Kiln capacity: 23 kiln cars.
  • Kiln output: 1.020 Tm/ day – 392.308 pieces /day.
  • Kiln cycle: 20,2h.
  • 12 group-operated ( 12 + 12 ) burners.


2 package-making lines:

  • Film wrapping line.
  • Strapping line.
  • Possibility of using pallet or a brick base layer.

Production of 1000 tonnes per day of hollow product