The daily production by Novaceramic ranges between 700 and 900 Tm of fired ware.

Production: 300.000T/year.

Productos: Large size hollow producs Tabimax and ceiling blocks.

Dryer: Tunnel type “RC-1”.

Kiln: Sealed tunnel kiln “Gaudí”.

Location: Tlaxcala (Mexico).

The place chosen to build this new brick plant was Tlaxcala, Mexico.

Equipceramic and Novaceramic, after having carried out a first project together, the largest brick plant all over the world to manufacture “Megabrick” king size hollow brick and ceiling blocks in Spain, decided to go on with this successful win-win cooperation to undertake a very ambitious new project.

The daily production by Novaceramic ranges between 700 and 900 Tm of fired ware. The plant has been designed to manufacture different types of Tabimax and ceiling blocks.



The cutting equipment consists of a slug cutter and two lines: one multiple cutting line for Tabimax, and one multiple cutting line for ceiling blocks.

Positioning of both ceiling blocks and hollow bricks are programmed in such a way that products are conveniently spaced to ensure a uniform drying.

A lifting/lowering automatism loads ware on each deck of dryer cars.


The dryer in use is an RC-1 type tunnel dryer consisting of 8 track tunnel equipped with automatic regulation of the drying process. Five control areas, lengthwise the drying tunnel, enable this regulation. It is equipped with 135 reciprocating air jets, with cascade temperature control by means of five gas line burners, one in each area. A recovery air optimization system has been installed to get higher energy efficiency.

When the drying process is over, dryer cars are unloaded inversely to the loading process.

The unloaded ware from dryer cars is conveyed by belts to the gripper that feeds the programming lines.


At this point, the three programming lines alternatively programme half a layer of each kiln car, so that a 9 head rotary gripper sets half a layer in each cycle. Two cycles only are necessary to complete a layer of 18 packs.

This brick plant is equipped with a pre-kiln in line with the kiln, whose capacity is 8 kiln cars.


The tunnel kiln installed is a “Gaudí’ sealed type, measuring 6’70 m and 144’5 m, built “in situ”. It is of robust construction, perfect sealing thanks to its welded metallic casing, innovatory design, and over-lifted vault support structure separated from the casing, equipped with many studied circuits. This kiln has been specially designed to work under pressure, thanks to its construction and pressure balance control.

Energy optimization during the whole manufacture process was one of the priorities of this project. In the dryer, recovery heat is used at all times to be distributed to the most convenient drying area, having preference over burners, besides other regulations that allow for cutting energy consumption down.


Unloading of fired ware offers a wide range of possibilities. The dehacking line we have designed allows for making packs onto wooden pallets, American type packs with slats, or plastic film wrapped packs without pallet.

The plant global management is made by a last generation SCADA, customized by Equipceramic, specially for the needs of this project. It allows for full control of the installation in an integral and centralized manner, as well at automatism, dryer, pre-kiln and kiln level as at production and products level, giving our customer a key tool to optimize the industrial process.

The plant has been designed to manufacture different types of Tabimax and ceiling blocks.