Production of hollow and perforated bricks

Production: 2,000 t/day.

Products: Hollow and perforated bricks.

Dryer: EQC Efficence.

Kiln: Tunnel kiln.

Location: Erbil (Iraq).

In 2013, North Crescent Investment, a company in the important Jordan-based Sinokrot Group, entrusted Equipceramic with its new project for building a brickworks with a production capacity of 1200 tons/day of hollow and perforated bricks. Later on, an enlargement project was implemented to reach a production capacity of 2000 tons/day in 2015.

This is one of the largest brickworks with a single kiln in the Middle East and worldwide. This new factory located in Erbil in the Northern Iraq has been equipped to produce three different types of bricks: hollow bricks, perforated bricks and thermal blocks.



The factory comprises two cutting lines: one for hollow bricks and the other for perforated bricks. These two lines share the same primary cutter and a robot for feeding ware to the second cutting machine.

The system for loading and unloading dryer cars is designed to maximize flexibility and speed to achieve the required production and to enable loading of different types of products.


EQC EFFICENCE dryer, designed by Equipceramic, is equipped with state-of-the-art technology. It comprises five zones with autonomous regulation, five mixing chambers and a heating power of 15,000,000 Kcal/h.

• Length: 125,5 m.
• Width: 26,5 m.
• Number of tracks: 7.
• Capacity: 294 dryer cars.

EQC EFFICENCE dryer allows for drying cycles ranging 30 and 45 hours with an entirely automatic regulation and control system for the three different types of products.

Dryer cars are made of high-quality, galvanized steel and they can load 120 to 240 mm high bricks.


The tunnel kiln designed by EQUIPCERAMIC S.A. is equipped to achieve high production rates of a broad range of products, ensuring the best firing curve for each one.

It is a large-size tunnel kiln equipped with the latest technological advances to guarantee highly flexible operation and optimum product quality. It is perfectly matched to Hilal Bricks’s production needs.

• Length: 202,5 m.
• Width: 9m.
• Height: 1,7 m.
• Capacity: 36 kiln cars.

The main characteristics of this kiln are: rugged design, on-site assembly and an accurate selection of the refractories for the individual firing sections, which are adapted to the properties of the clay fired in the process.


The factory is equipped with a large de-hacking and packaging installation consisting of:

  • Rotary pneumatic grippers assembly for unloading finished products.
  • Two shrink wrap lines, each of them comprising:
    • An automatic system for making brick base layers.
    • Horizontal uncoiler machine for film equipped with a cutter.
    • Two vertical film wrapping machines.
    • System for film folding.
    • Film shrinking frame.
  • Tempering system for all types of products.

Implemented to reach a production capacity of 2000 t/day