It is a complete factory producing

Production: 120,000T/year.

Products: Hollow bricks & ceiling blocks.

Dryer: “Celeris” rapid dryer.

Kiln: “Gaudí” kiln.

Location: Algeria.

EQUIPCERAMIC has set up a complete brick production unit for Briqueterie Ennadjah Ouel Amel located in N’Gaous (Algeria).

The particularity of this project is that the setting station has been equipped with a system for turning pieces which allows for the production of hollow bricks and ceiling blocks while avoiding the deformation of pieces during the firing process.

It is a complete factory producing 120,000 tm/year of clay products (2 shifts / 6 days per week) which means a 368 tm/day average production of fired units. A semi-wet grinding process is used for clay preparation.



The clay column coming from the de-airing group is shifted to an automatic cutting line consisting of a primary cutter followed by a multi-wire cutter.

Dry products are unloaded and loaded simultaneously thanks to the loading arm. When it is introduced in the dryer car it can set dry products on a conveyor for the reception of ware.


The drying process takes place in a Celeris type rapid dryer, on dryer cars, in order to ensure the best productivity while maintaining the final product quality. This is a high efficiency, longitudinal dryer with two overlapped drying canals. Products are placed on drying cars running along canals in the opposite direction to the hot air flow.

  • Gallery width 6.94 m
  • Gallery height 2.19 m
  • Length 83.9 m
  • Drying cycle 3h 40 min

This dryer has the advantages below:

  • Rapid and high quality drying
  • Very accurate regulation of the drying cycle
  • Mechanical simplicity and very low maintenance


Dry products coming from the dryer are laid down on a roller conveyor and side-pressed. Then, 3 rows of units are set on a re-routing roller table and they are driven by means of a multi-chain conveyor to the re-routing table in charge of forming layers. Layers are pushed on a belt conveyor by a lowerable gate. A turning gripper prepares 2 layers at height and finally a triple gripper loads ware on kiln cars.

The multi-chain conveyor is equipped with a turning gripper for crossing layers and with a turning device for loading ceiling blocks.


Concerning ware firing, it is been decided to install a prekiln and a Gaudí kiln, a sealed kiln exclusively designed and built by EQUIPCERAMIC which allows for high pressure applications, ensures a higher quality, an easy regulation and a flexibility never achieved before by a kiln. Furthermore, it is probably the most efficient kiln in terms of energy consumption thanks to its sealed construction and to all the circuits it has been equipped with at combustion level as well as at ventilation and air-recirculation system level.

  • Width 6.3 m
  • Height 3.2 m
  • Length 151.8 m
  • Highest Temperature 1100 ºC
  • Fuel Natural Gas
  • Side and top burners

The main features of this kiln are the ones below:

  • Pre-chamber to avoid spalling risks and to help to the gradual rise of temperature as well as to obtain a better color product.
  • Gas-recirculation to avoid temperature stratification trend and gas flow through the most available areas such as the roof and the sides.
  • Accelerated cooling after the last firing stage to improve the regulation of the cooling process and to ensure the constant quality of products.
  • Heat-recovery equipment to control the cooling curve all over the area.
  • Overpressure system consisting of axial fans to improve pressure applications inside the firing area as well as temperature homogenization over the setting area.
  • All firing cycle parameters are easy to use and have a high capacity.

The automatic regulation of the kiln is performed by the EQControl software, specially designed by Equipceramic for the control, monitoring, display and automatic regulation of the kiln and of the dryer.


It consists of a dehacking frame, placed above the kiln car to be dehacked, which is provided with a gripper holder carriage assembly and a gripper for collecting packs and setting them on a chain conveyor towards the palletization station or directly on trucks.

The commissioning of this brick plant was carried out last February.

Only 16 days in achieving the contractual production and signing the provisional acceptance.

Following the good results obtained, the customer has already ordered a new dehacking line provided with a packaging system for fired ware. This machine, the first to be installed in Algeria, allows for variable depth pack making for loading both big trucks and small ones. This dehacking station will be installed in the following 6 months.

Production capacity 120,000 t/year of hollow bricks in N'Gaous, Algeria.