New brickworks for S.P.R. Arbal
Production of hollow bricks with a traditionnal tunnel kiln in Orán, Algeria.


Multiple products
1.000 Tm/day production capacity of king size hollow products..


It is a complete factory producing
Producing 120,000 tm/year.




Erbil – Iraq
Hollow and perforated bricks.





New brick plant was Tlaxcala, Mexico.
The daily production by Novaceramic ranges between 700 and 900 Tm of fired ware.


Plant for producing hollow bricks
Production of 1,000 tonnes per day of hollow products in Casablanca, Morocco.





Complete factory in Djelfa, Algeria.
Complete factory with a production capacity of 140,000 t/year.


Grupo Rahmoune,entrusted Equipceramic with the construction of its new brick factory in Chlef.
A complete installation with a production capacity of 150.000 t/year.


Hollow and semi-solid bricks
Production capacity of 750 tonnes/day of hollow bricks in Alicante, Spain



Important brickworks in Novosibirsk
Revamping of a plant for the manufacture of 1NF bricks in Novosibirsk, Russia.


Makeram, a unique factory in Russia
Standard perforated facing bricks, solid bricks and thermal insulation blocks.



State-of-the-art roofing tile factoryRoman and Marseilles-type pressed roofing tiles and accessories.


Plant to manufacture roofing tile special accessories
Ridge roofing tiles, side end pieces, half-roofing tile, double roofing tile, ventilation roofing tile. Automatic drying chamber.