EQUIPCERAMIC, S.A. completes the project for Brampton Brick in Canada.

Equipceramic,S.A. was entrusted by Brampton Brick, a company leader in the manufacturing of facing bricks, with the design and manufacture of some new de-hacking and package making equipment to replace the current, outdated one in its factory in Brampton, Canada.
This factory was built thirty years ago and the development of this new project has enabled an increase in the production capacity of the de-hacking and packaging line. The supply also included an Allen-Bradley new electronic system for the automated control of both the new equipment and the already existing equipment that will still be used in the new design. When the manufacture process of all equipment included in the supply was completed, Equipceramic invited the customer to visit our premises and to be present at the operation tests. The new equipment was mechanically and electrically assembled in our workshop so the delegation from Brampton could see the equipment working. Tests were developed in a very satisfactory way for both parties and equipment was ready for its shipment. Assembly works at Brampton plant were developed in a record time and the commissioning stage including first, non-load tests and then tests with the products to be manufactured, has been successfully completed and the agreed production capacity has been achieved. The new supplied line shows a smooth operation and has been perfectly integrated into the rest of the manufacture flow.
Brampton Brick
Este nuevo proyecto permitirá un aumento importante de la producción en la línea de desapilado y empaquetado.

We wish to thank Brampton technical team for their cooperation in the development of this project and we are willing to work together again in new projects in the future.