EQUIPCERAMIC, S.A. provides new solutions for the refractory industry.

Equipceramic, has recently concluded a contract with Refractaria, S.A. to develop a new project aimed at automating its factory in Siero, Asturias (Spain).
Refractaria, S.A. is a company devoted to the manufacture of refractory materials awarded with ISO quality certification and working in close cooperation with ITMA Materials Technology in order to investigate and progress in the development of new materials and innovation and improvement processes. Two different pressing systems are used in the factory for the manufacture of products: dry-way, with a very high percentage of production, and semi dry-way. Products from these two manufacturing systems are dried in the same chamber dryer. The project entrusted to Equipceramic is set within this innovation, improvement framework. It consists of automating all product handling processes as well as of building a new tunnel dryer for all dry-way manufactured products.
By installing this new dryer, Refractaria will be able on the one hand to simplify the production flow by suppressing some intermediate equipment and, on the other hand to completely automate those processes that are being partially implemented in a manual way at present. New equipment supplied by Equipceramic will also provide Refractaria with a better control system over all the process resulting in an improvement of the management of the plant and in a wider, more flexible margin of manoeuvre. Other than the tunnel dryer and its corresponding automatic dryer car handling system, the new supply will include three robot stations to collect ware from presses and to set pieces on kiln cars. The applied solutions comprise latest-generation technology and they will provide huge advantages since Equipceramic has succeed to automate a very complex area considering the wide range of products manufactured and the multiple variations in setting patterns. A specific Software has also been developed to create a very quick, intuitive operator-machine interface ensuring a high flexibility.

refractory industry
Completely automate those processes that are being partially implemented in a manual way at present.

We thank Refractaria for trusting our company with the implementation of this project.