Equipceramic’s USA team will attend CLEMSON FORUM 2022

Where we will be glad to show you and give you all kinds of information about our projects in North America
All through the lockdown period, we kept working in our ongoing projects by using new communication technologies and introducing them in our daily activity to provide our customers with a non-stop support service. We are always planning new future strategies and projecting new operational processes to adapt to any market movement occurring in the ceramics industry with the final aim of always being ready to face any unexpected fluctuation resulting from any unforeseen future scenario. This is our way of standing by our customers side to make sure they always meet their goals.
Equipceramic’s USA team will attend CLEMSON FORUM 2022 where we will be glad to show you and give you all kinds of information about our projects in North America. Major North American Groups are entrusting Equipceramic with new projects and the proof of it is that ACME, after having developed two projects along with us (Sealy and Perla), awarded our company with Denton and Elgin projects. GENERAL SHALE, after the success of ROME project, entrusted us with DENVER, COLUMBUS and ROANOKE projects. We would also like to thank BRAMPTON for the de-hacking projects in its plants in Canada: a complete de-hacking line in one of their factories and an upgrading project consisting of the installation of a new slat table, a robot and a gripper in the de-hacking line of their second factory. At present, we are working together in the assembly and commissioning of a new setting line.
Soon we will meet our Friends of Pine Hall Brick in our headquarters in Igualada to attend the tests of the equipment we have specially designed for automating their tumbling line. This project has brought together talent in mechanics and cutting-edge technology in computer vision, and we feel particularly fond of it because 30 years ago, under the name of AGEMAC, we successfully developed a very similar project in Australia, that is still working at present.
It is for all these reasons that we would like to sincerely thank all these major groups for trusting us and let them know that we have a specialized team developing the course of action to be adopted by Equipceramic within the next 5 or 10 years to be able to reward our customers’ loyalty with highly sturdy equipment, cutting-edge technology, and highly customised solutions.
Despite the worldwide pandemic and the Russia-Ukraine war crisis, Equipceramic has strengthened its position in North America more than ever.

We will keep you updated about the innovations we have been long working on, the recently applied technologies, new applications, and new, efficient methods to provide our customers with a highly efficient technical support. THANK YOU!