Equipceramic and Pirámide look together to the future

Cerámicos Peruanos (CEPERSA), the owner of the brand name Ladrillo PIRAMIDE , a company consolidated as the largest manufacturer and supplier of heavy clay products in both regions: Lima and the internal regions of Peru and with a production capacity of above 2,000 daily tons of bricks.
The Torpoco family entrusted EQUIPCERAMIC S.A. with the Project aiming at modernizing its Plant 1, because we are the engineering with the strongest financial stability in the market and we know very well its production process. Planta 1 comprises two tunnel kilns and a prekiln with the same length. This project is aimed at obtaining the best possible performance of the plant by reducing consumptions, losses and automating the process. This way, CEPERSA will be able to control the plant in a totally automated way and, at the same time, they will be able to improve the quality of products in order to supply very high-quality products to their customers.
At present, Plant 1 has an outdoor drying process and results are different in winter and in summer. On these grounds, Equipceramic designed a modification for this project aimed at taking more advantage of the prekiln so products are always introduced into the kiln with the same rate of humidity, indistinctively whether it is winter or summer. A constant rate of humidity at the entry of the kiln will mean a significant reduction in gas consumption and in the time required for finishing the process. All recirculation circuits in the plant have been designed again for obtaining the most efficient use of energy, the kilns and the prekiln have been automated as well as the kiln car handling line. All proposed modifications have been carefully designed to obtain the highest performance of a plant that has been working manually for a long time.

COVID-19 broke out while we were already developing the project and, of course, it altered and conditioned everybody all over the world. In Equipceramic we have been in touch with our customers every day all over the lockdown in order to ask them if they and their families were safe and in good health and to provide their industrial facilities with the maximum assistance.
When the pandemic broke out in March, the plant was completely stopped, and all our technicians had to be repatriated. The airport in Peru was closed for international flights and Plant 1 was shutdown. In this dramatic situation Equipceramic had to dedicate all its team in Spain to provide the required remote assistance service to coordinate with CEPERSA team at site all works, which meant a lot of work: erection of the kiln roof, civil works, assembly and commissioning of devices and any other work required to ensure the progress in the execution of the project although our technicians could not travel to Peru.

The members in the Piramide teamwork acted in a really professional way and they became our eyes so we could coordinate everything from Spain. At present, we still cannot travel to Peru, but we can fiercely say that the project keeps progressing successfully and Plant 1 has almost reach a daily production capacity of 1000 tons/day. We are ready, when it will be allowed again, to travel immediately for the last verifications.

Torpoco’s family entrusted EQUIPCERAMIC S.A

Cerámicos Peruanos (CEPERSA), owns the brand name Ladrillo PIRAMIDE, with a production capacity of more than 2,000 tons/day of bricks.