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Privacy policy or Data Protection

This data protection policy governs the access and the use of the service of the website web, as well as any other website published by Equipceramic, S.A. for those internet users interested in its services and contents.
In accordance with the Spanish Ley Orgánica 15/1999 from the 13th December concerning Personal Data Protection  (LOPD), Equipceramic, S.A., owner of the website, informs the user of this site of the existence of an automated data file created by Equipceramic, S.A. and under its responsibility.

Users’ data registered by means of forms made available for this purpose on the website are collected by Equipceramic, S.A. to help provide services offered by Equipceramic, S.A. on the website.

Users have the right to have access to this information to amend it if data are wrong or to stop using Equipceramic, S.A. services. These rights can be exercised by sending a written notice to EQUIPCERAMIC S.A Ctra de la Pobla 64, 08788 Vilanova del Camí (Barcelona), Spain or by e-mail to [email protected]

Mandatory or facultative nature of the information provided by users and data veracity

Mandatory fields, usually marked with an asterisk (*) on the registration form to be filled in are strictly necessary to answer your queries and all the other fields can be voluntary filled in by users.

Users guarantees that all personal data provided to Equipceramic, S.A are true and they are responsible to communicate any modification to the said data.

Users’ consent

To the transfer of personal data by means of the use of Equipceramic, S.A. electronic forms or e-mail messages and it implies the express consent of the sender to the automated treatment of the data included in the services and products regarding Equipceramic, S.A website purposes, as well as to the transfer of electronic notices related to Equipceramic, S.A. and its activities.

Newsletter and electronic notices

Equipceramic, S.A. will be allowed to provide those users, who have previously authorised it by means of the subscription form available to this purpose, with the service of sending a newsletter including news, updates and the most relevant information included on the website.

Equipceramic, S.A. informs that electronic notices with commercial purposes will be sent providing information about other products, services and events that may interest users of the website whenever it is expressly requested. The said consent can be modified or revoked at any time by the user.


Equipceramic, S.A. keeps safety levels for personal data protection following the provisions of the Real Decreto 994/1999, on the 11th of June, regarding safety measures for automated files containing personal data and all technical means within our reach to avoid the los, misuse, alteration, not authorised access or robbery of those data provided by users through the website, without prejudice of giving notice that internet safety measure are not impenetrable.
Equipceramic, S.A commits to comply with those secret and confidentiality rights regarding personal data contained in automated files in accordance with applicable laws as well as to treat them in a safe way in case of data international transfers or cessions.


That information obtained automatically by browsing the net and without the personal intervention of the user by means of cookies is not associated in any case to personal data and therefore Equipceramic S.A has not any possibility to treat this information in a personalized way. The user has the option to prevent the storage of cookies by selecting the option for this purpose in the browser.