Equipceramic and Bati Chaouia concerned about continual improvement.

SBBC, also known as BATI CHAOUIA brickworks, one of the most relevant brick manufacturer in the central region of Morocco, with a daily production capacity of 1500 tons, has been in a business relationship with EQUIPCERAMIC, S.A. for a long time.

In accordance with the principle of continual improvement applied by the company to reduce manufacturing costs and become more competitive in a more and more demanding market, SBBC has entrusted Equipceramic with the revamping of its plant III, by the installation of a vertical extrusion system for making different types of hollow bricks.

The revamping project has mainly consisted of the supply of the entire system for arranging bricks at the exit of the dryer, a setting machine equipped with a turning gripper for crossing layers of ware and three grippers for loading dry products on kiln cars. Considering that the amount of ware inside the dryer also changes, it has also been necessary to check the regulation system.

Revamping works also included the installation of new dehacking machine with three turning grippers that pick up three 1000 x 1000 x 1000 packs and then set them on two tables where they are film wrapped and strapped on a brick made base.