EQUIPCERAMIC consolidates its already strong presence in the region of Batna.

EURL. IBECHENINENE has entrusted EQUIPCERAMIC with a new project for the construction of new facilities in the industrial area of Batna, Algeria. This new production unit will have a production capacity of 210,000 t of hollow bricks per year.

Ibecheninene brickworks belongs to the Toufik Trailer Group from Batna, who awarded EQUIPCERAMIC the project after long negotiations with all most relevant companies operating in the heavy clay sector.

It is a turnkey project based on a traditional design and production capacity for Algeria, comprising state-of-the-art technology. EQUIPCERAMIC will be in charge of the entire production process and the new installation will be transferred to the customer when it is working at full capacity; all expected capacities have been achieved and all employees have received the required training.

The clay preparation area will be equipped with an oversized line of equipment with respect to nominal production, in order to achieve higher average output rates than the ones stipulated in the contract.

The drying process will be performed in a CELERIS rapid dryer as this enables significantly precise regulation of the drying cycle, resulting in higher efficiency.
Firing will take place in a GAUDÍ tunnel kiln, with which the entire firing process can be controlled very precisely. The kiln also enables optimization of energy consumption thanks to its sealing and insulation system as well as integrated combustion, ventilation and air-recirculation circuits.

Kiln car de-hacking will be on a layer basis, facilitating this way the subsequent process of making packs in the standard sizes for this country. Packs will be strapped bringing a time and cost saving in terms of storage and lorry loading.